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I'm not sure at which point the horse trailer became a mobile sauna. Was it when I shoveled horse shit and urine out of it? Was it when Johnny welded the back gate closed and cut out all the metal horsey parts? Was it when I installed wooden framing, and lined it with cedar? Was it when a stove protruded out the roof? Or maybe when the first bench was installed and the first session taken at the pond.

Nevertheless, the finish line is nearing. I'm spending the end of the fall adding the last details. Last steps include trimming the curved door, installing the bottom bench, and making some towel hooks. I've loved this process so much, and between building our home sauna and the mobile sauna, feel so empowered with the new skills I've learned, massive struggles, and even more massive accomplishments.

Let me give you a verbal tour of the space. There are two exterior doors, and a small changing room with an adorable cubby and bench. The hot room has two benches, and comfortably can fit four adults. The stove is a giant chunk of handsome craftsmanship, made of US steel and made in Tower, MN by Lamppa Manufacturing. Behind the stove are two gorgeous pieces of copper, formed and installed by my friend and sauna enthusiast Dylan Chapman, a roofer and metal worker. Stained glass candle window made by Janet Readfield of Lincolnville. There's a 4' wide tinted window that lets you see out, but not in! All this wrapped up in a horse trailer. The quarters are beautiful but tight, just so you know.

The horse trailer is making its public debut at some point this December. To be the first to know, hop on over to our MOBILE SAUNA page and drop your email.

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