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Our home base is at our 200-year old homestead in Montville, ME. Nestled into the valley, we're surrounded by hayfields and forests. The saunas in Montville are rented for private 90-minute sessions. We host regular Community Sessions in the Perch and host curated community sessions for specific groups - queer, singing, entrepreneur, etc. 



The original wood-fired sauna has been hosting guests since 2020.


Providing deep nurturing, escape, and safety, much like an animal’s burrow. The womb-ful windowless sauna provides the opportunity to nestle into your body without distraction. Center your focus on the here and now, deep conversations and thoughts stay within the container.

Nestled between giant trees, a spruce tree, weeping willow, and black locusts. 

IMG_6662 2.JPG


Perched up on the hillside overlooking the valley below, the place red tailed hawks hunt from. Big windows and wide views to the pasture, the Cedar Grove, the rolling hills. Openness, deep observation, bright light and exposure. Tucked back behind the barn and greenhouse, the Perch is the furthest extension of the homestead.

The Perch Sauna very comfortably seats 6 people, has a generous dressing room, a wrap around cedar porch, a cold-plunge cast-iron tub, and views of the Cedar Grove and the rolling hills.

As part of our goal of being accessible and welcoming, here is a schematic of spacial dimensions within the New Sauna, which is the site for all our Community Sessions. 


Mobile Saunas

Our mobile saunas cruise the Maine coast, popping up at oceanside oyster farms, breweries, beaches, and beyond. The mobile saunas allow us to drift with the tide to the right place at the right time.  After heating up in the wood-fired mobile saunas with a view of the sea, you may feelg inspired to take a dip in the ocean, no matter what month it is. We announce our mobile sauna pop up locations to our email list first, then on social media.


OG mobile

Horse-trailer turned wood-fired cedar-lined mobile sauna. The OG Mobile Sauna seats 4, has a small changing room, glorious window, and is popping up around the midcoast.

Read Jackie's Blog Post about building the OG Mobile Sauna.


New mobile

The new mobile sauna fits 6 people and generally has a lot more elbow room than the OG mobile Sauna. But with all our saunas, you’ll find our standard gentle curves and copper behind the Kuuma wood stove...this one is just built into a Voyageur Sauna trailer.

You'll find the OG & New Mobile Saunas popping up together along the midcoast of Maine.