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Sauna Retreat at Nurture through Nature

This past January I got to experience one of my sauna crushes: an octagonal wood-fired sauna nestled next to a cascading stream on Pleasant Mountain at Nurture through Nature in Denmark, ME. This spacious sauna has the most buttery-smooth cedar benches, seating 18 people during their pre-covid community sauna days. The large entry room had a private changing nook, lots of bench space, spring water and SNACKS! The space is beautifully lit by oil candles and twinkle lights. The biggest draw for me was its proximity to several icy plunge pools in the mountain stream. Don't expect to be able to lazily roll off the sauna bench and into the stream - it's a short trek down to the pools, inspiring me to research ice cleat options for bare feet. The pools were beautiful, surrounded by a dense grove of hemlock trees. We managed to get two plunge rounds into our one hour session. It was exhilarating!

I would highly recommend a visit to Nurture through Nature, for the sauna, the off-grid cabins, and the beautiful forest vibe.

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