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Cedar Grove Sauna is hosting 

International Bath Academy 

May 1 - 3 for a series of Sauna Trainings.

Lithuanian and Baltic sauna traditions incorporate steam, leaf whisking and various natural bathing practices.

Lithuanian Bath Masters Rimas Kavaliauskas & Birutė Masiliauskienė conduct trainings all over Europe.


This is their first North American training.

Interested in deepening your relationship to the practice of saunaing, from plant treatments to cultural history to construction? We have a slew of offerings each day. 


The main event will be the Level One Bath Master training, taking place each day from 10am - 2pm. Each night there will be 1-2 additional Evening Trainings from 5-9pm. Individuals can sign up for the three day training, and/or just an evening. Do note, the daytime training is an intensive, your mind and body will be tired, and the instructors don't recommend pairing it with the more physical evening trainings (Meeting with Whisks). All classes are taught in English.


Class information and links to registration below. Reach out with any questions.




Level One: Bath Master Basics

May 1 - 3 (three-day training)

10am - 2pm each day

$350 total, including $50 deposit.