A story of wellness and community


Finnish sauna

Saunas are an integral part of the Finnish lifestyle, promoting health, wellness, longevity, community and nature connection. There are 3.3 million saunas for 5.3 million Finns, and Finns have been saunaing for a very long time, first with the sauvu sauna, a smoke sauna.

A typical Finnish sauna is a wooden room or a separate building with wooden benches inside placed on different levels. Temperature of a Finnish sauna is moderately high compared to other saunas in the world and alters between 158 – 212°F. The main practice of the Finnish sauna bathing is throwing water on the rocks to create löyly (steam ) and to add temporary soft heat to the sauna, creating a humidity of 30% to 40%.

Our Locations


Montville Sauna

Our home base is at our 200-year old homestead in Montville, ME. Nestled into the valley, we're surrounded by hayfields and forests.


Our wood-fired sauna has been hosting guests since 2020, and we will soon be opening our second wood-fired sauna at the same location.

Our Montville sauna can be rented for private sessions, and each new and full moons we host a Community Session,


We're typically open Thursday - Sunday, October - May, as well as for special occasions like full moons, NYE, Valentine's Day, as well as school breaks.


mobile sauna

Our mobile sauna cruises the Maine coast, popping up at oceanside oyster farms, breweries, beaches, and beyond. We're in a different location every weekend, allowing us to drift with the tide to the right place at the right time. 


After heating up in the wood-fired sauna with view of the sea, you may feel inspired to take a dip in the ocean, no matter what month it is.


We announce our mobile sauna pop up locations to our email list first, then on social media. The mobile sauna sessions last 1-hr and are for just you and your group.

Meet Jackie, owner


I've been a sauna enthusiast for the last 10 years, since a group of friends and I built a sauna and held weekly sauna potluck sessions for three years. Saunaing is the most embodied and out of body experience I've ever had.

When I sauna, I feel relaxed, I stretch and breath deeply, I sing with friends, I sit in silence, I chat, I feel present. I can guarantee I'll sleep deeply after sauna!

I am someone who is more likely to put energy into something if others are involved, it's called being in community. I built the Montville and Mobile Saunas with you in mind, and am constantly inspired to create more magic with interaction I have.