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create your own backyard SAUNA WORKSHOP


Sunday January 16th

9 am - 2:30 pm

At Cedar Grove Sauna, Montville, ME

Refreshments/snacks provided, but bring your own lunch!

Sliding Scale: $50 - $75/person

Many of our sauna guests want to build their own saunas.

I'm here to offer my knowledge and experience to help achieve your sauna dreams.

In this classroom-based workshop, we’ll join together as sauna enthusiasts and discuss many aspects

of building a backyard wood-fired sauna.


We'll visit Cedar Grove Sauna's recently completed backyard sauna and mobile sauna.

Topics include:

  • Elements of a good sauna

  • Siting considerations

  • Interior design/function

  • The stove

  • Sourcing material

  • Making it all happen

  • Sauna building resources

  • Whatever else you want to know


Who is this workshop for?

  • Folks who love sauna and want to build one who are:

    • Capable carpenters

    • Beginning carpenters

    • Those who plan on hiring a capable carpenter

    • Those who likely will keep dreaming for another decade before considering building


Who’s teaching?

Jackie Stratton, owner of Cedar Grove Sauna. Jackie is an amateur carpenter who has built a backyard sauna and an almost-finished mobile sauna. Jackie’s been saunaing for the last 15 years, and has spent the last couple years intensely studying/sharing sauna culture.


The Facilities

Workshop will take place at Cedar Grove Sauna inside the heated chicken barn and the unheated saunas. Participants should come dressed for both inside and outside time. Masks required while inside. Refreshments and snacks provided, bring your own lunch. Basic kitchen facilities available. Outhouse available on-site.


Limited to 12 people


Overnight accommodations and/or sauna sessions potentially available before or after for a discounted fee, just ask!

While this workshop is full, we are taking contact information for future class offerings!

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